Welcome To Consummate Living - Your Life, Your Way

Manifest the Life You've Always Dreamed of!
Have You Ever Wished Life Came With a "Reset" Button?

You're NOT the only one!
The Good News Is: It's Never Too Late To Start Over

With Consummate Living You'll Learn How To...

Attract. Build. Manifest. Your Excellence.     

Change What You Know By Learning How You Learn.

Consummate Living is a vocational and avocational Self Improvement program designed to help you see maximum results in a minimum of time.

The result is a maximum of personal improvement without all the gimmicks and gadgets other programs insist are necessary for lasting change.

The only tools needed to live your own Consummate Life are: A willingness to learn, a notebook, calendar, and calculator. Every other tool you may desire to use is probably already at your fingertips.

The Consummate Living Program, covers how and why you do what you do.

From explaining the origins of the self-sabotaging behavior that's been pre-programmed into you for generations;

to how you do, WHAT you do, WHEN you DO succeed! 

You will learn the formula for success that works for YOU, based on how you take in and process information. 

You'll learn how to improve every relationship you have just by understanding the jigsaw interplay of personalities around you.

Learn why you attract the people you do, and how you can change damaging relationships into positive ones. 

You'll learn to anticipate obstacles and navigate them by utilizing your own internal and external resources. 

You'll learn how to utilize your dreams to move beyond issues of the past that keep you frozen in a self-damaging mindset. 

And you'll gain the confidence you require to move every aspect of your life forward. 


If you have any questions or would like to contact us; please drop us a line at: admin@consummateliving.com we will have one of our representatives contact you within 24-48 hours.

A Little About JA Carlton

Miss Carlton is a Novelist, Speaker and Hypnotherapist who has found joy for the majority of her life by working in caring professions from: Radiography and Massage Therapy, to Chiropractic Assistant, and Certified Hypnotist.

Jill has six finished books currently available and five more in various states of progress. She authors in any genre that strikes her fancy though prefers stories with supernatural elements.

She is a graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy; the Advocate Ravenswood School of Radiographic Technology, The Hypnosis Motivation Institute, and ScreenwritingU.
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